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Marijuana Product & Extraction or Growing Facilities 2022-05-16

As of April 1, 2021 -  6 Month Moratorium for Use by Review applications for marijuana cultivation SECTION 14  -The 6 month moratorium only applies to the change in land use.  With the moratorium in effect no application will be accepted to change the land from agriculture/residential use to commercial use.  This moratorium does not affect any properties that have already been approved through Planning and Zoning to grow commercial marijuana

Resolution No. 2021-8044  04-01-2021 Use by review applications for marijuana cultivation properties will be under a six-month moratorium.  This moratorium will be reviewed every six months by the board of the county commissioners.

Section 14 Commercial Marijuana Regulations (REV 12-10-2021)

Ordinance No. 2016-04, Ordinance Regulating the Growing, Cultivating & Processing of Marijuana

Resolution No.  2020-7950  Resolution for Amendment of Regulation Pertaining to the Crowley County Planning and Zoning Manual, Section 14, 
Regarding the Cultivation of Medical Marijuana in Crowley County, Colorado


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