Vacation Alternative Colorado

Alternative Colorado, LLC.



Landsailing, lake sailing, horse stay, shooting, horse-riding, bird watching, photography, heritage & cycle tours, BBQs, sweat lodge. Stay, meal & activity options, single or multi day packages. SE Colorado outdoor. Local guides &, instructors. Outdoor recreation.




Mission statement:

Alternative Colorado LLC has been formed to promote Crowley County as an interesting and enjoyable tourist destination, sharing it\'s history, it's present, and future vision. Locals give glimpses into their current rural America lifestyles.


Activities and prices 2016 examples :

Sailing( 4 hour sessions )

Accommodation ( ranch stay, guesthouse, backpackers) & meals option

Horse riding ( 4 hours ) & lasso and calf rope tying lessons

AM cycle tour to feedlot, BBQ ( 3 hours )

PM cycle tour to Heritage Center ( 4 hours )

AM lakes cycle tour, lunch Sugar City cafe

PM featured speakers, evening basketball league.

PM shooting ( 2 hours ) lessons at the local range

full week: accommodation, 3 meals, snacks, pickup/ drop-off and all activities included.

Group rates available

Free optional activities : gym access, photography, local history chats, Wed. basketball league, tennis, cemetery tours, birdwatching,

Seasonal: rodeo, branding, high school sports, Crowley County Days, roping.


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