Three Dog Night Guest House

Sugar City , Colorado

Three Dog Night photo collage
Three Dog Night Guest House is located along lake Meredith's north shore. Accommodations include the following. microwave | refrigerator | queen size bed | satellite TV | wi-fi | air conditioning|radiant floor heat| hammock | trail access to Lake Meredith

Room Rate: $85.00

Three Dog Night Guest house was established in 2008 in Sugar City by Kiki Monnet Medina.

Legend has it when a night was especially cold, Native Arctic people reserved three dogs to use as bed warmers, making it a 'three dog night'.

For music enthusiasts, 'three dog night' sparks memories of the popular 1970s rock 'n roll group

In Sugar City, 'three dog night' is a unique guest house named for our three Labrador, Alice, Smokey, and Jackson.

Regardless of the origin of its name, Three Dog Night Guest House offers a relaxing retreat with all the amenities of home.

Enjoy the amenities of home at Three Dog Night Guest House, which sits just 100 yards from Lake Meredith's northeast shore.

Enjoy abundant bird watching and wildlife, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and serene prairie and mountain vistas, but the lake is the landscape's most beautiful feature.

Lake Meredith offers bird watching, swimming, boating and fishing.

Nature lovers, bird watchers, and photographers will discover some of the finest fishing, bird watching, and photographic opportunities the Arkansas Valley has to offer.


Kiki Monnet Medina

7670 Lane 22

Sugar City, CO 81076

(719) 469-3859