Regarding the State of Colorado Prison Utilization Study

 Regarding the State of Colorado Prison Utilization Study

If you want to know more about the prison utilization study, please call: 

Bent County Commissioners 719-456-1600         Crowley County Commissioners 719-267-5555         

Mark Radtke, Colorado Department of Local Affairs, 720-576-0468

 Earlier this year, the Colorado General Assembly passed HB 20-1019 that, among other items, mandates a prison utilization study to be undertaken by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).  The study is now underway.  The study will evaluate prison bed needs in Colorado and provide a utilization analysis of all state and privately operated facilities. It also will provide an analysis of the feasibility of the Colorado Department of Corrections to obtain privately owned facilities located in Las Animas and Olney Springs, or to utilize unused state-owned buildings to meet prison bed needs.  A second aspect of the study will determine the economic and other impacts that potential private prison closure would have on local governments and the wider community, and recommend strategies to diversify the affected local economies.  

Input from affected community members, local governments, and stakeholder groups is a key element of the economic portion of the study.  This is an opportunity to submit written comments that will be part of the public record surrounding the prison utilization study for consideration by the Colorado.  Watch the Crowley and Bent Community Meetings here:  YouTube