Shooting Range


Shooting Range seating area


Public range located north of Ordway on Highway 71, just north of the water tower. Please contact the Crowley County Dispatch Center, located at 110 East 6th Street, Ordway - 267-5555, ext. 2. to reserve.  Range hours are1/2 hour after sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset, 7 days a week.

Facilities include a 100 yard rifle range with 3 shooting benches, picnic cover, and port-a-potty. Target back-stops are provided, but may not meet the needs of all shooters. Rifle shooters must provide their own stools for benches. Handgun shooting is allowed. Priority for shooters is on a first come basis.

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  • Lock gate when entering and leaving range to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Follow all safe shooting rules.
  • Shooters should wear adequate eye and ear protection.
  • Shoot only in the direction of the target back stop.
  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Remove trash, targets, and shell casings when leaving the site. "Pack it in, pack it out."



Funding for the range is provided by Crowley County, and the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife.