Crowley County is comprised of four small towns, surrounded by vast acreage of ranch and farm lands. The total population is approximately 5,449. Although each town has its own mayor and city council, all County Government offices are located in Ordway, Colorado, the County seat.

Crowley County is in State Senate District #35, State House District #64 and Federal Congressional District #4. Colorado is served by Federal Senators Michael F. Bennet and Corey Gardner.

The admin office is now accepting credit card payments for Traffic Tickets (MTC), Vital Stats, Ambulance Bills and Planning and Zoning/Building Inspection fees. Please call the admin office at 719.267.5555 extension 3 before making a payment. Transaction fees apply.

County Administration Offices and Contact Information

Crowley County
603 Main Street Suite 2
Courthouse Annex
Ordway, CO 81063


Commissioners: 719.267.5555

T.E. (Tobe) Allumbaugh: District 3 - Ext. 3
Blaine Arbuthnot: District 2- Ext. 3
Roy Elliott: District 1 - Ext. 3

Crowley County Administrative Office: 719.267.5555

LaShelle Benbow - Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Ext. 3

Stephanie Meyer - Administrative Assistant/Ambulance Billing/Human Resources: Ext. 3
Ruth Froman - Administrative Assistant/Human Resources: Ext. 3

Other Administrative Offices

Nathan Shultz - County Attorney: (719) 383-0867
Matt Carter - Building Inspector: Ext. 3
Matt Carter- Planning and Zoning: Ext. 3
Gary Kidd - Water Department: Ext. 3

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.